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Real estate SEO to get what you want

Real estate professional seems to have love –hate relationship when it comes to search engine optimization. We all want the benefits of having web deliver qualified leads to our door. When our marketing tactics become less effective, we’re immediately poised to move into next promising thing.

Online marketing has become the primary element of real estate marketing for broker’s agent and corporations and so Real estate SEO is important. The fact is online marketing is a marathon that requires consistent SEO to adapt to the ever changing landscape of online customer behaviour.

  • 9 to 10 home buyers rely on the internet as their primary research source
  • 52% turn to the web as their first step
  • The internet is rated by broker and agent as the most important channel to acquire new business

According to National Association Realtors, 90% of buyers start their real estate search online. SEO is vital to successful online presence for both brokers and agent because higher ranking can translate into significant sales increases.

What should be there in a Real Estate SEO STRATEGY?

A real estate SEO strategy should always include the following:

  • Local SEO geo-targeting
  • Proper URL structure
  • Site performance and usability
  • Advanced keyword search
  • Social media
  • Link building

Search engine optimization – on page and off page

On page technique is commonly used by an in-house web marketer, ad agency or SEO agency. On page SEO includes competitive SEO analysis, keyword selection, long as well as short tail keyword strategies, website structuring and also copywriting.

Off page SEO refers to search engine optimization techniques which do not modify your website pages. Off page SEO efforts to establishing links from other website to yours. These are called in-links, and they are created by issuing online press releases, sending out email and newsletter, registering your real estate agency with internet business directories and professional organization, blogging, and encouraging other website owners to add a link to your website.

Reason your Real Estate website isn’t ranking in google

  • You are going alone
  • You let an amateur design your site
  • You don’t have enough high quality content
  • You have chosen the wrong keywords
  • You’re neglecting everything else
  • You are behind the times



Real estate brokers face some SEO challenges:

Lots of non-unique content: The majority of content on most real estate broker’s website is not unique to them. This create an SEO challenges

  • Inflexible content management system: Many brokers are using web marketing platforms from vendors that don’t allow for the creation of unique content
  • Site architecture challenges: Many brokers have website built by web development companies that have not built search engine friendly site architectures.
  • Agent expectation: Occasionally, broker feel pressure from their agent to make sure their site ranks high. Being able to rank high for vanity terms is an important factor for both retention and recruiting.